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[REPLAY] 2020 Retrospective — What Worked, What Didn't, & What To Improve For 2021 | MTFP Ep.97

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Episode notes

No new episode for this week, so we're throwing it back to last year's retrospective. A retrospective is when you look back on the past year to identify what worked... and what didn't work. A retrospective helps you celebrate your wins and identify your weaknesses. It helps you learn from the past and correct for the future.

In this solo episode, I answer three questions:

QUESTION 1: What's working? ("What did I do right? What am I proud of?")

QUESTION 2: What's not working? ("What could be improved? What are my biggest opportunities for growth?")

QUESTION 3: How can I fix what’s not working for a better result? ("What specific things can I focus on next time?")

Hopefully this episode inspires you to take the time to think, reflect, and write your own retrospective. It should take you roughly an hour, but you owe it to yourself to take this seriously. Hope you enjoy!

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