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By DC Thomson

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In each of our episodes, you’ll join one of our celebrity friends who will take you with them on one of their favourite walks, sharing their wellness journeys as they go. Expect to hear about little tricks, big life lessons and perhaps a few secrets that have made all the difference to their health and happiness.

So, why walking, we hear you ask? Well, we know from Public Health England that 50% of women are not active enough for good health. Yet just a 20-minute walk a day has an incredible effect on wellness. It can lower the risk of depression and heart disease, while also boosting memory and alertness. It really is the wonder drug that holds the power to change lives – and we think it’s about time you knew about it. Our campaign, Walk To Wellbeing, is here to empower you to take control of your health, one step at a time.

We’ve created this podcast so that every episode is perfectly shaped for you to listen to whenever you step out your front door. So wherever you are in the world, or whatever headspace you’re in, someone is always waiting to head out on a gentle stroll with you. Our goal is to inspire you to pull on those trainers, soak up the benefits of getting active outside, and learn a few tips to help you feel great every single day.

Share photos of your walks via the hashtag #walktowellbeing and tag us @myhealthandwellbeing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we’d love to see them. And for even more ideas and advice, visit healthwellbeing.com.

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