Health to Wealth

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Health to Wealth is a new podcast series from Accor that explores an inventory of diverse topics with well-being as their common thread. The series brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and health experts to share the ideas and experiences that have shaped their contribution to global well-being culture. At its heart is the recognition that a well-being led culture means happier, healthier people and more sustainable communities. You’ll hear compelling perspectives and provocative opinions from leading edge thinkers on subjects including nutrition, economics, fitness, mental health, technology and investment. And their insights will help navigate the transformation that well-being offers, in the economy, in the workplace and in everyday life. Above all, you’ll discover how interconnectedness is at the heart of the wellness culture – and how an approach that fully integrates this thinking can lead us to the healthier, wealthier ecosystem that beckons.

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Hosted by Anni Hood

Founder of Well Intelligence 

Well Intelligence is a research, insights and development consultancy that makes wellbeing work for business. 

Our bespoke formula transforms ‘business-as-usual’, into inspiring, engaged culture that responds to the changing needs of people, enterprise and communities.

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